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Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 15:20:47 EDT

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>A reply (partial) to Glenn's 9/11 post which replied to me.
>JWB: > Why must there be a contest? If God wants to bring a Muslim
>> person to God in some other way than He does you and me, that
>> is of no importance to me.
>GRM: It isn't a contest. It is a matter of what is God's will. If
>can be saved regardless of what they believe, great by me. But that
>then would be clear evidence that the communication which is supposedly
>from God, at least believed by the Christians to be from God, is not
>very reliable. It says different things.

Maybe this is an argument from personal incredulity, but having sat next to
some Palestinian guerillas at dinner one night, I find it difficult to see
any logic in the above. I mean if someone can come to god by believing that
God wants you to kill the infidels via beheadings, what kind of god are we
dealing with?
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