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From: Vernon Jenkins <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 19:04:02 EDT

First things first, Michael. We've first got to encourage you to accept the fact that Genesis 1:1 is the most remarkable combination of words ever written - a staggering truth when considered in the cold light of day - and to consider some of the profound implications that spring from that fact. Only then can secondary matters such as the age of the earth be seen in a new and more perfect light.

As theologian and scientist you have all the necessary qualifications for making a balanced judgment of my claims - either to accept, or to offer a closely-argued rebuttal. Why not settle the matter once for all?


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  You make these silly assertions from time to time but never substantiate them.

  Would you mind telling us what these disputed assumptions and deductions about the age of the earth and geological time in general are.

  Your continued refusal to do so indicates that your ideas are bluff and hot air.

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