Phillip Johnson and the YEC movement

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Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 15:47:24 EDT

The latest issue of ACTS AND FACTS arrived today. I see that Phillip
Johnson and Andrew Snelling (of ICR) will be making a joint speaking tour
in England from 10/26 to 11/13. The tour is being underwritten by Elim
Churches and several "evangelical alliances."

This issue also features an article by Larry Vardiman on the RATE
project. It is apparent that the YECs are going to place a lot of
emphasis on this one. There is planned an 11/5/2005 conference in San
Diego at the Shadow Mountain Community Church which will mark the start
of their effort to "prove" a young earth. Both a technical book and a
nontechnical book are in the works, as well as a video documentary.

The planned title of these works is "THOUSANDS, NOT BILLIONS: Tearing
Down an Icon of Evolution."

Other young earth evidences in this issue include:

1. Page 5. Pine needles from the Greenland Ice Core project recovered
from two miles down; obviously the ice sheet formed "quickly."

2. Page 5. Unmineralized dino bones containing bone protein have been
found, refuting the demise of these creatures 65 MY ago.

3. RATE research on Grand Canyon samples (27 of them)-- substantial
disagreement in the results -- K-Ar results range from 405 to 2574
Million years, for example, show that radioisotope dating is fatally
flawed. The article by Snelling claims that RATE has shown that decay
rates were accelerated in a global catastrophe.

4. The usual claim, which I have seen repeated over and over in the 30
years I've been observing ICR, that there are "thousands of fully
credentialed scientists" who have become YECs, BASED ON SCIENTIFIC

5. YECs are sometimes accused of claiming "rapid evolution," for there is
only 6000 years available (less than that, actually) after the Flood for
the Ark inhabitants to expand into the millions of species known today.
Henry Morris addresses this argument with these words: "The different
varieties that developed from the original "kinds" after the Flood did
not "evolve," of course, by mutation or any other evolutionary process.
They simply diversified ... not evolution, but simple variation."


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