Re: Natural Evil (was: The Curse - Upon All Creation...?)

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  "Natural evil" is a category name given for things like earthquakes
parasites and disease which hurt, destroy, and kill, but which are not
caused by anyone's specific immoral decision. Is all "natural evil" a
result of the Fall and the Curse?
Theologically, speaking, I would have to answer "yes" to your question
here. Otherwise, eveything that occurrs in the garden of eden is
subject to the same probabilities of disaster striking as everything
else. Can we honestly imagine that a volcano could have erupted and
buried the Garden of Eden, and it be just dumb luck associated with the
earth releasing heat through plate tectonic processes? Or pick some
other disaster in place of a volcanic eruption - wild fire, tornado,
hurricane, meteor impact, etc.etc. I have a hard time believing that
the writer of this story intended the garden to be subject to such
things in our minds - the garden is written as a perfect paradise where
God and humanity and nature interact in harmony, and that harmony is
clearly destroyed after sin occurs. Is anyone on this list from
Flordia? Can you imagine 4(!) hurricanes coming through and destroying
the garden of eden?
Now I recognize that this causes a major problem when looking at
natural history, because as you point out later in your message, there
is no period in the history of the universe when 'the fall' occurrs that
we can recognize. I would love to offer you and myself and everyone
else a solution to this dilema, but I don't have one.
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