Re: David Limbaugh at UNCW

From: Sarah Berel-Harrop <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 13:28:56 EDT

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 10:02:48 -0600 wrote:
>Moorad wrote: "David Limbaugh, author of the New York Times
>"Absolute Power" and, more recently, "Persecution: How liberals are
>waging war against Christianity" "
>Sounds as if he has about the same credibility as Rush Limbaugh.

A funny thing about David Limbaugh:

There was a case in California I think where a group within a church
did not like the minister and collected petitions to call for a
to discuss the minister; the board refused to hold the meeting &
ultimately expelled them from the church. They sued, and the court
decided that the expulsion was improper. Limbaugh picked this up as
an example of Christian persecution. In his editorial, he took the
position, that was promugated by the group that was doing the legal
work for the church, that this was a bunch of liberals who didn't
like the conservative teachings of the minister and they were
horning in on the church, trying to make the minister liberalize
the church, and that the secular court was supporting them because
of its animus against Christians.

Unfortunately, that's not exactly true. The World did an article on
this situtation. It turns out the group that was expelled was a bunch
of oldtimers who didn't like that the services were done in a
contemporary mode. What the church's advocacy group is putting
out is almost the exact opposite of what happened per the World
article. And, I think everyone ought to be concerned about the
concept that you can join a church, follow the by-laws when airing
a concern, have the by-laws disregarded and then be expelled, (maybe
that process even was not in accord with the bylaws), and you have
no recourse. While that may be legally proper in states other than
California, where apparently there was some kind of property right
for the members associated with the legal entity that the church
was formed as, it seems like extremely bad governance.

>There are possibly several good reasons not to vote for W. The one
>appeals to me is his blurring of the church-state boundaries. This,
>me, is scary.
>For one view of this, see
> Burgy (every day I find myself more firmly in the
>"liberal" camp)
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