RE: Readings on origins issues--request for suggestions

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Date: Sun Sep 26 2004 - 06:11:15 EDT

Ted and others

The following might fit your requirements quite well.

They are New Zealand productions from the Science and Faith Series published


TELOS Publications

PO Box 56167

Dominion Road

Auckland 1030

New Zealand


Graeme Finlay (Ed) A Seamless Web: Science and Faith ISBN 0-476-00816-6
Donald Nield God Created the Heavens and The Earth ISBN 0-476-00817-4

Graeme Finlay Evolving Creation ISBN 0-476-00650-3

Graeme Finlay God's Books: Genetics and Genesis ISBN 0-476-00651-1



Finlay is a Cell Biologist who lectures in General Pathology in the
Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology at Auckland University.

Nield is a professor of Engineering Science at Auckland University.


All four books, published 2004, are an easy read putting the case for
origins in an "evolving creation" well. They are between 40 to 50 pages
long and are written especially for the undergraduate level but would suit
anyone interested in where science is taking our understanding of origins.


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