Re: The Curse - Upon All Creation or Just Mankind?

From: jack syme <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 2004 - 02:57:52 EDT

"did you build your present position with the help of concurrent discussion of some of the relevant issues in your church environment? "

That is an excellent question. And the answer is ... some. ;)

But, the underlying principle, in end of life decisions, is autonomy. In most cases that I deal with, the patient is incapable of making their wishes known, directly. But we try to make the decision that the patient would have made if capable, based on prior statements, family's understanding about the person, etc. This is called "substituted judgement".

Underlying this is respect for persons, i.e. everyone has a right to self determination. And while this may not be exclusively a Christian value, I think is not inconsistent with biblical teaching.
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