Re: The Curse - Upon All Creation or Just Mankind?

From: jack syme <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 2004 - 18:26:11 EDT

"Don't you think it makes more sense to think of the Fall as being the CURSE
OF death rather then the death itself? In other words, before God gave
humans over to their sinful inclinations (i.e., Romans 1), death had no
sting because it did not represent a finality of opportunity to respond
favorably to God. After the Fall, death has a sting (a curse) in that once
it occurs, you don't have any more opportunity to respond to God. At least
this is consistent with how the gospel message is presented in the whole of


The death that resulted from the fall was a SPIRITUAL death. A seperation
from God. A banishment from the Garden with the tree of life. That is why
the serpent said "surely you will not die" because the death was spiritual
not physical. And what the serpent said came to pass! After Eve ate the
apple she did not die. And Adam did not die.

But they were changed. Their relationship with the earth, (toiling in the
soild to produce food.) and his relationship with God (kicked out of the
Garden, forbidden to eat from the tree of life) was the result.

Death was in creation before the fall. Death of subhuman creation, it was
everywhere, except maybe inside the Garden. And Man was supposed to be
immortal, I think, and live eternally in the physical realm, with a close
relationship with God and nourishment from the Tree. But of course that did
not happen.

And there was no curse to all of creation, just man's relationship to it.
Except for the serpent who was cursed to crawl on his belly. And man has
since completely messed up creation even more.

But sub human creation is no more in need of redemption now, than it was
before the fall. Christ died to restore Man, not the rocks, trees, plants,
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