Re: The Curse - Upon All Creation or Just Mankind?

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> One of the four options presented by David Campbell, aka Uncle Joe, says: "Death of animals is not inherently a moral evil." This leads me to the following question: is the physical death of man inherently evil? (Assuming death by old age, of course.) I believe this is the most correct option of the four given.<

It's possible that something similar to physical death would have been a part of the transition from earthly to heavenly existence even without the Fall, though Adam and Eve didn't wait long enough to find out. Enoch and Elijah don't provide much detail, either.

Usually, physical death of humans as we know it reflects the fall to a greater or lesser degree; however, the extent to which it is integral is open to question.

PS-Not entirely certain whether Uncle Joe is the most desirable individual to be likened to. He's rather unprepossessing, though friendly and possessing a hidden advantage. The photo alluded to in the quote is shown as quick proof that the Annabel's Uncle Joe will be unacceptable to her suitor's wealthy, hypochondriac, and snobbish uncle. However, Uncle Joe proves to have top bragging rights at the spa for exotic maladies, which have already earned him a few articles in The Lancet, and all ends happily, except for the rival suitor. The quote was chosen for the mollusks and the silliness.

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