Re: The Curse - Upon All Creation or Just Mankind?

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> The real question is whether death occurred before the fall. The Bible doesn't say. Inferring that death didn't occur because God said His creation was good is probably wrong. Death is often referred to as a good thing; for example, a seed must be buried in the ground and die before a new plant is grown and we must die to self (crucify our flesh) in order to be obedient to God. Inferring that nothing ever died before the fall is also false because God promised seed time and harvest will never cease as long as the earth endures (Genesis 8:22).
> What is the answer? Can we even discover the answer in this age?

Paleontological evidence clearly indicates the death of animals (including predation) long before the existence of humans.

At least four explanations exist:

Paleontological evidence is incorrect.

Death of animals is not inherently a moral evil.

Satan's fall was allowed to affect animals.

The state of the world reflected humanity's future fall (cf. salvation of OT believers before Jesus' earthly life).

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