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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 2004 - 17:38:18 EDT

Well Dave, you can't win. If you try to engage with V's ideas you will be seen as moving in his direction, if you reject his ideas you are in spiritual darkness.
I note that Vernon steadfastly refuses to engage with old earth ideas, which he dismisses as infidel. The reason is that if his standing miracle (what is the difference between a miracle and a standing miracle ? Unless he means Lazarus) is true then our wicked infidel Old earth ideas which were devised by some wicked Christians like Sedgwick, de Luc Buckland and many others from 1770 to 1830 are nullified.
So I have nothing to offer as rational discourse is not on offer. I think it is best that you and I continue in spiritual darkness and prepare for perdition.
This is the problem not only with Vernon but most YECS and IDers as they put up a brick wall around themselves and CANNOT engage with others, so in the end we must walk away as debate is impossible.

There was something in one of your posts I disagreed with but I cant remember! But we could have discussed it. There are a good number on this listserve I differ from but I can debate with them and that is how it ought to be.



P.S. Babylonian maths is the key to early Genesis

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  I respect your insight and have need of your critical analysis in this matter. What did I say that let Vernon think that I had moved, even slightly, toward coprophagy? At least this is what I take from his note:
  "I'm sorry you've decided to 'call it a day' - just when I was beginning to feel we were making some progress. Can I take it that you would now consider your liberal use of the term "silly nonsense" in respect of my findings to have been misplaced - even regrettable?

  I will also appreciate a word from anyone else on the list who can enlighten me.
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