Re: The Curse - Upon All Creation or Just Mankind?

From: Stein A. Stromme <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 2004 - 10:05:32 EDT


| ....
| I chose this passage when Stein asked about seeds dying.
| Sheila's phrase, when she mentioned the dying seed,
| sounded a lot like this passage intentionally or not. ;)

[Sheila Wilson]

| Clearly my communication skills are lacking here. First of all, I
| understand that Paul was speaking of the spiritual transformation
| and that he used a physical analogy to illustrate the point. I am
| referring to the physical analogy (on purpose).

That is exactly how I read your post. I did not mean to argue against
any of your points (which I agree with), but just grabbed the
opportunity to ask this specific question about seeds dying.


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