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From: Vernon Jenkins <>
Date: Tue Sep 21 2004 - 18:48:16 EDT

In my recently-published page "The Beginning of Wonders" (see URL below) I list those numero-geometrical features of Genesis 1:1 that, together, strongly support the view that this verse is the most remarkable combination of words ever written, and a standing miracle. Our discussion has, so far, merely focussed on items 14 and 15 - the evalutions of pi and e, respectively - which you reject as "silly nonsense" because (actually, of necessity) they are imperfect. [You seemingly fail to understand that even the Lord has to work within the constraints that He Himself established when putting in place these sequences of Hebrew and Greek words.] But these features - highly persuasive in themselves, I suggest - really amount to little more than a 'divine afterthought' ; merely the 'icing on the cake', so to speak.

Let me therefore invite you to consider and comment upon the 'cake' itself. To do this you will need to look at items 1 to 13 of the same document. There you will find an account of a coordinated numero-geometrical structure based upon rare and unique mathematical absolutes - all in keeping with your demand for precision and perfection. It is this that lies at the heart of my thesis. I look forward to your comments.


> Peter,
> Your position would rebut my argument were I to try to use it against
> you. However, you are failing to note that Vernon holds that inspired
> scripture is absolute truth and requires no interpretation--you read it
> just as it is without qualification or modification. An unqualified
> approximation to a transcendental value is not the absolute truth, so it
> cannot conform to the reuired dicta. This renders Iain's calculation
> irrelevant in support of Vernon.
> Dave
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