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Date: Mon Sep 20 2004 - 13:23:54 EDT

Bob wrote, in part: "If we allow for imperfection in God's revelation in
Scripture, then we open a door that I don't think we want to enter."

I "entered" that door some years ago, Bob. For the reverse of it -- that
no imperfection exists, led me to simply silly thinking. I would prefer
there be no imperfections. I know better.

Bob: "If we cannot trust Scripture as reliable revelation, we have
forfeited the only objective basis for our understanding of the Creator,
ourselves and our relationship to Him."

The Christian God is a trinity, for good reason. Without the guidance of
the HS your claim makes sense. But the HS exists, and is active, and
negates that claim.

Bob: "If we claim that the Bible, or any part of it, is an imperfect
and contains myth, how will we sort out the error from the truth?"

1. By using our God-given minds.
2. By accepting that faith does not require certainty.

Bob: "... if we cannot trust that God has perfectly revealed His will to
us in
His Word, we have no basis for our own hope. Our faith would therefore be
vain. Thankfully, our understanding of biblical inspiration assumes the
faithfulness of God to reveal truth. We assume inerrancy in the biblical
text - that everything claimed by Scripture to be true is indeed true!"

The "We" in the above does apply to some Christians. Probably not to
many. Yes, inerrancy can be assumed. If it is assumed only in the
original writings, no problem; the claim is moot for they don't exist.
Ruckman claims the KJV is inerrant. I've read his book "The "Errors" in
the King James Bible," along with other of his writings, probably more
carefully than they deserve. The claim is simply too fantastic --
requires too many "ad hocs," for this person to seriously consider.

Do I have a basis for my own hope in Christ? Absolutely. Is it 100%
certain. I could wish it so; it is not. But I have staked my life on it.

The next time you enter an elevator -- ask yourself if you are 100% sure
it will take you safely upwards. Not 100%? Will you then step off?

I think not.


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