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Date: Mon Sep 20 2004 - 13:12:03 EDT

I wrote: "I confess I do not (yet) understand YOUR POV well enough to
argue it persuasively. I can do that, I think, with the ICR POV. But your
particular "search for certainty" is one I rejected as a youth -- long
before I became a Christian."

Glenn answered: "Think epistemologically and that might help."

Me again. I'm sorry. I don't understand that answer.

JB Phillips wrote YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL back in the mid 20th century. It
influenced me a lot.

We all have that way of thinking -- me included. So we always have God
"in a box." I and Don and George and Paul and others have described to
you our own methods for thinking outside the box. Each of us found this
activity in a slightly different direction, it seems. You are going to
find your own way, and it will probably differ from that of any of us --
and that's OK, for God deals with us as individuals, not as a homogenous

This has been an interesting thread. The clues necessary are in the
dialog somewhere. But only you (for YOU) can tease them out.

In the end, we all wish to do the will of God. That led me to a terrible
question. Suppose it were God's will that I do not attain heaven; never
enjoy the fellowship of the redeemed? Would I be willing to do that? I
confess, I cannot answer that hypothetical question in the affirmative
(yet). Thank God it IS only a hypothetical!

You worry about Dora and her expressed relationship with Lenin. You do
NOT have to declare her belief false to affirm your own Christianity. Nor
do you have to declare "all Muslims who do not accept Christ as I
understand Him are doomed to Hades." You do NOT have to sing the old

"Jesus loves some of the little children,
Some of the children of the world.
Red and yellow, black and white,
Some are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves some of the little children of the world."


"Not the Muslims,
not the Mormons,
not the Buddhists,
not the ... ."

We are all God's children.



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