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From: Vernon Jenkins <vernon.jenkins@virgin.net>
Date: Fri Sep 17 2004 - 18:46:40 EDT

To the Forum

As a YEC, and declaring my belief in the potency of the numero-geometrical structure underlying the Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1, I recently asked to be subscribed to Creation Link UK. Here are some of the moderators' comments:

"As moderators we are agreed that CL-UK does not exist for the discussion of
Biblical numerics. Therefore if we were to subscribe you, it would be on the
condition that you undertake *not* to raise the subject (directly or
indirectly) on the list. We would therefore appreciate it if you would
confirm with us that your interest in creation issues is wider than numerics
you deal with on the web pages you listed and that you are prepared to
undertake not to discuss or promote your own (or other peoples') theories
concerning Biblical numerics through CL-UK. If you agree to this
restriction, but then in the future do not keep to it, we would remove you
from the list without further discussion."

Needless to say, I did not pursue this potential avenue for the proclamation of an empirical truth that has much to do with our understanding of the Creator and His regard for those engaged in the present debate. I therefore all the more appreciate the fact that no such restrictions have been placed upon me by the moderator of this forum. But, of course, the obscurantist attitude to my findings - as noted above - extends across the board, and I have to ask What is it about these particular _self-evident truths_ that invokes responses ranging through incredulity, indifference or revulsion, to amusement? Am I to understand that _fact_ no longer interests the inquiring mind? Why is it that those claiming to love truth persist in following flights of fancy?

Appreciative, but perplexed,

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