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I was at Rydal yesterday for a meeting 50yards from the house where Wordsworth lived and the same from the church where he was churchwarden. (In the late 19th century the vicar there was previously employed by the Geological Survey before he was ordained) He once wrote

A host of golden daffodils
beside the lake beneath the stream
fluttering and dancing in the breeze

What I want to know is what tune the daffodils were dancing to.

After the meeting took my dog up Loughrigg Fell in rain and mist and got the occasional view

We should take poetry in the bible as poetry

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  You cant be serious. God is going to judge the rocks and trees, the mountains and streams? I hardly think so.

  I am sorry but obviously the mountains dont sing either. And the rivers dont have hands to clap with.

  This is just an example of how ALL of us have been seeing scripture all of these years with futurist glasses. The truth is there, plain to see, but it is so hard to understand because we have been trained for years to see things differently. Most of the Church sees biblical prophecy with erroneous presuppositions.
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