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Date: Fri Sep 17 2004 - 12:49:17 EDT

Shila Wilson wrote:

>>You stated that believing in an "objective reality" defines whether we are sentient. &nbsp;Very curious. &nbsp;We live in a world where most people define themselves with subjective reality: our perception is our reality. &nbsp;Humanism thus means non-sentient but those of us who believe in an objective reality, a truth outside ourselves, are sentient. &nbsp;We clearly need a broader definition of sentience but that is one of the questions that still haunts mankind.

It was not intended to be very complete and was intended
more as tongue and cheek.

I don't think humanism is necessarily subjective and whereas
people may claim that "it's all relative," just work them up
in a rage about something and ask them again. Even if we
use "science" as our measuring stick, we are still admitting
that some objective standard is needed. Forget the ballyhoo
about how we benefit by following the rules. Maybe I am wrong,
but it is probably irrational to live as though the world
is really subjective. Instead, most of us are using our wits
to pick and chose what we think we can get away with when we
say that.

by Grace alone we proceed,
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