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Hi George,

Paradisal man is unknown to us but it may be that man did not have wings
before the fall. Flight was there after the Fall of Man and today we are
imitating what is already in nature. My statement meant that man cannot
by himself reverse the consequences of the Fall, which I believe also
affect the animals.


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> Wayne posed the question:
> >"is it possible to design something __better__ than nature: more
adaptive, more capable of >competing for resources"? My verdict is not
> On March 23, 1989, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announced their
discovery of "cold fusion." This would imply that nuclear reactions can
occur without high temperatures, that is, low-energy nuclear
can - and do - exist. It occurred to me at that time that if nature
needed a
sun to create nuclear transformations then who are we to consider the
feasibility of cold fusion. Fallen man cannot improve the design that
in nature and thus reverse the consequences of his fall.

This sounds like a variation on the old idea that "If God had meant for
to fly he would have given them wings."

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