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> Cross and resurrection cannot really be separated but the cross must be
> spoken of 1st, for the resurrection loses much of its meaning if it was not
> the resurrection _of the Crucified_ (cf. Mk.16:6). Paul certainly didn't
> downplay the resurrection, devoting the whole long Ch.15 of I Cor. to it.
> But before that he dealt at length with the cross in Chs 1&2 & emphasizes
> that when he 1st came to Corinth his message was "Jesus Christ and him
> crucified." The fact that Jesus is risen doesn't do away with the scandal
> of the cross & in fact intensifies it because it means that the one present
> in the church, & in the universe, as Lord is the Crucified.

This is also exemplified in that none of the other resurrections mentioned in the Bible have nearly the same significance. They support testimony (YHWH is greater than Baal, Jesus has divine authority, the apostles have Jesus's authority, etc.), whereas the resurrection of Jesus is seen as uniquely showing His identity. Also, all the others involve someone else raising the dead; Jesus is the only example of the dead raising.

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