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Date: Sat Sep 11 2004 - 22:52:31 EDT

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> To me the problem with the approach I think you were
> suggesting is that it begs us to put some probability on the belief. Is
> christianity 95% probable and Islam 91%? Does that make Christianity win
> the contest?
Walter Thorson's past Regent College lectures (on tape) can be useful here.
(I wish he'd write them up and publish them!) He says that we either believe
or do not believe, and probability figures become our assessment of the risk
of belief or unbelief. Doubt is our recognition that belief entails risk,
but is not the same as unbelief, where there is no risk because we are not
depending upon the belief in question.

> > Re: sentence 1. "truth" is a desirable goal. But a
> > relationship with my Creator is of infinitely more
> > importance. "Truth" is always elusive. You and I both seek it
> > -- you will not be satisfied until you think you have grasped
> > it. I do not expect to ever grasp it.
> I will agree that we will never find absolute truth. But that doesn't
> mean, to me, that we should throw the towel in and not try for it.

If, as Christ said, he is the embodiment of Truth, then a relationship with
our Creator involves us in a quest to know the truth. The two are not
separable. A closer relationship with Christ entails growth in our
understanding of the Truth.

Dennis Feucht
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