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From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 2004 - 11:05:13 EDT

An interesting question. Doesn't that mean that we have something like
this situation: J=A but G=J => G=A.
Or Christians possibly similarly disconnected from the God of the Old
Testament? JimA

Stein A. Stromme wrote:

>[George Murphy]
>| 2) Islam shares historical roots with Christianity and Judaism. But
>| since the Christian claim is that the fullest self-revelation of
>| Abraham's God is in the cross & the resurrection of the Crucified, &
>| since the Qur'an denies that Jesus died on the cross, Christians
>| have legitimate questions about whether or not Muslims know who the
>| God of Abraham is. To put it another way, just connecting this God
>| with the Abraham tradition doesn't mean that they know the character
>| of God. The question of whether or not Jews, Christians and Muslims
>| worship the same God is a legitimate one but it isn't a drop dead
>| answer to that question just to call them all Abrahamic religions.
>So if we simply ask for the relation between Judaism and Islam,
>perhaps that makes the question (Jahve =? Allah) easier to answer?
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