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>Unless I am mistaken, the eastern branch of Christianity feels that the
>western branch has created "a form of idolatry" (heresy) by deciding to
>worship one begotten of God rather than God Himself who preexisted the
>begotten one. Many/most western Christians take exception to that, but
>would we say the eastern branch is practicing idolatry because their
>understanding of God and man's history with Him differs in this way?

My wife was going to the Eastern Orthodox Church when we met. Her sister and brother-in-law still attend. In 30 years of discussions with them, I have never heard this. A friend in whose life I had a little influence and who in turn has had a lot of influence in my youngest son's life is Greek orthodox and in the 25 years I have known this fellow, he has never given me any hint that he thinks we shouldn't be worshipping the Son. Now, I certainly wouldn't want to claim that I know everything about the eastern church and I know that tradition plays a larger role in their theology but not worship the Son? Never heard that one.
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