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From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Sun Sep 12 2004 - 00:57:05 EDT

Just a butt-insky comment or two - JimA
[big snip]

>>The Christian God is a Trinity for good reason.
...though the Trinity notion is not a Jesus-era articulation per se.

>> The HS is the
>>one that convicts and persuades. Not our vaunted logical capability.
>I don't think the Muslims believe there is a HS. Who is right? Who is
>wrong? We can't hardly have one and not have one at the same time,
>unless the HS is quantum-mechanical.
Not all Christians have historically nor even now (though perhaps to a
lesser extent) take the Holy Spirit to be a separate personification
rather than one particular expression of God. That might narrow the gap
for some Christians.


>>Glenn: "Well, I picked the 57% figure out of the air, but if
>>the bad communication, in which God chooses to allow the
>>wrong message to get out, is actually true, then I would say
>>my confidence would plummet much lower than 57%. Why do we
>>want to believe something that makes our religion so
>>unbelievable? I simply don't understand the attitude. If I
>>felt that God acted like a used car salesman(whom I really
>>don't trust at all), why would I believe what He tells me?"
>>But Glenn. Believing in something outside of Christ is simply
>>a form of idolatry.
Unless I am mistaken, the eastern branch of Christianity feels that the
western branch has created "a form of idolatry" (heresy) by deciding to
worship one begotten of God rather than God Himself who preexisted the
begotten one. Many/most western Christians take exception to that, but
would we say the eastern branch is practicing idolatry because their
understanding of God and man's history with Him differs in this way?
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