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Subject: Protein Evolution

Or perhaps the thread should be titled "ID Theory Begins to Produce."

Does anyone qualify this as satisfying the necessity of the Discovery folks
to provide a product of ID theory to be taken seriously?

    If this work is an indication that ID theory has begun to produce then
it says something interesting about the goals of the theory. As far as I
can tell from the abstract (& this is not my field), the claim is that a
certain mechanism won't produce mutations at a rate adequate for evolution.
If that's the case it's a purely negative result. That is not to say that
it's of no value but it's in line with what ID has done previously
(construing it in the most generous way) - that current science hasn't
accounted for certain biological features.

    There is of course a big jump from that to the positive claim that
therefore there must be an Intelligent Designer. IDers usually reject that
claim that they're presenting a God of the gaps argument in making that
jump. It may be significant though that Snoke, one of the authors of the
present paper, had an article in PSCF recently titled "In Favor of
God-of-the-Gaps Reasoning" 53.3:152-158 (9/2001). (IMO it was pretty lame.
I criticized it in PSCF 54.1:66-67.(3/2002).)

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