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The glossary in Kittel, Hoffer and Wright, /Biblical
> Hebrew/, says the dual form is used for things that come in
> pairs, like hands and feet, or to denote two of something.
> The only hint I find in TWOT is that the term applies to the
> physical heavens and the abode of God. Regarding the Aramaic,
> it refers to "the atmospheric sky, the starry sky, and the
> abode of God and angels," which messes up the dual.
> Now I hope that someone who knows something about Hebrew will
> give proper answers to our puzzle. Dave

I don't know Hebrew to that extent but I can think of a reason for
duality. There are two hemispheres to the sky which hold completely
different stars. In other words, there are two completely different
heavens. I don't know, of course, if that is the answer to the duality
issue but it is a true observation
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