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IGordon wrote,

> What is the
> significance of a Hebrew word always being used in the dual or plural? I
> think that this is true of the word for water. Also much has been made of
> the plural nature of Elohim.

There is no one significance. Gesenius-Kautzsch, still regarded as
authoritative, has nearly 5 pages on the use of the plural beginning with the statement
that the Hebrew plural is "by no means used in Hebrew solely to express a
number of individuals or separate objects, but may also denote them collectively."
Of course this section covers the use of the plural applied to singular
nouns, and not just words that are always plurals.

Both water and heavens, which are always plurals, are listed as examples of
the plural of local extension or the surface plural, denoting localities in
general but especially level surfaces. The surface is seen as being composed of
innumberable points.

Another broad use of the plural is to amplify or intensify the meaning of the
basic word.

Elohim is a plural of majesty, which is a variety of the abstract plural, "it
sums up the several characteristics belonging to the idea, besides possessing
the secondary sense of an intensification of the original idea." [The
original idea is El, god]

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