Re: Revelation redefined? (was: RE: Seely's Views 2)

From: Peter Ruest <>
Date: Sun Sep 05 2004 - 12:30:24 EDT

George Murphy wrote to Bob Barnett:
>... The
>basic point that I raised - that texts can be true without being
accounts of
>history "as it really happened" - is being ignored by both you and Peter.
>Even though Glenn disagrees with me on this (& is wrong :)), he at least
>understands the point I'm making. I'm not sure you do.

What's so difficult about understanding that some texts may be "true
without being accounts of history 'as it really happened'"? The Good
Samaritan and Jotham's king-over-the-trees parable are easy examples.
When I discussed the Jonah story with you, I considered it possible to
accept your view of it as non-historical when I wrote (13 Dec 2003):
"Notice that, up to this point, I haven't indicated whether I believe
the story to be historical. But I certainly have difficulties taking it
as entirely fictitious." The problem is not lack of understanding what
you mean or ignoring it, but in some cases not being persuaded by your
arguments, and sometimes withholding judgment for the time being.

Even in the case of Gen.1, I am neither claiming my interpretation to be
the only possible one, nor ignoring alternative points of view. In our
paper, "Genesis reconsidered", PSCF 51/4 (Dec. 1999), 231-243;, Armin Held and I
wrote in footnote 3: "We realize that our interpretations are not in
line with the customary ones, but we want to present them for
dis-cussion, as we consider them, on the whole, to be more satisfactory,
or, at least, to aid meaningful interpretation in a significant way.
Also, we think that histori-cal and allegorical interpretations need not
necessarily exclude each other, as they may both result from the
Creator's design (cf. Galatians 4:21-31)."


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