Re: Seely's Views 2

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Date: Sat Sep 04 2004 - 16:58:54 EDT

Glenn wrote (to Paul): "As I have said repeatedly, the issue is one of
how do we know what we

And as I (and the Apostle Paul) have said -- we know only in part. Some
uncertainty is necessarily involved with our knowing.

BTW, I misidentified the author of THE MYTH OF CERTAINTY in my last post.
The author is daniel Taylor. I said it was Peat -- his book is titled

Glenn also wrote: " My sneaking suspicion is that the parts you find
imperfect might be
different from my list. In which case, what test do we use to confirm
which imperfections are really imperfections?"

That's easy. There is none. Only different opinion.

Fall has fell on the Colorado mountains. Turned the furnace on when it
dropped to 45 degrees at mid day.


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