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Date: Sat Sep 04 2004 - 14:55:21 EDT

I know it is unusual to reply to myself but no one pushed to see if my
claim was real history or not.

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> We can never escape from the fact that everything we know is
> based upon faith, even if it is at the level that we have to
> have faith that our sense data is telling us the truth, i.e.,
> we aren't brains in a box wired up to a virtual reality
> machine. But faith is different than intentionally
> misleading people. One can't ask people to have faith in a
> story that we intentionally misled people and expect to have
> another important item requisite for the Christian
> life--TRUST. Let's say that I tell you that yesterday I
> caught a 32 lb red snapper which is 2 lbs less than the Texas
> state record. One thing anyone who knows me, knows, I have
> been fishing about 3 times in my life--I hate fishing. Do you
> believe that that is real history? Am I misleading you?
> Your reaction will be based upon whether or not your TRUST
> me.If I have misled you before you will be less likely to
> trust me. If I am a known Texan
> Braggadocio, you will be less likely to believe me. Probabilities
> would certainly argue against such a claim. So, do you
> believe me? Have I told you real history or is this merely an
> illustration?


This was right after I caught that monster and I was tired. I let the
young crewman hold him up on the gaff.
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