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> > The supposed inconsistency between the way folks like myself
> > treat 1:1 & the rest of Gen.1 is illusory. Gen.1:1 is not an
> > historical statement but a theological claim - i.e., God is
> > the creator of the universe, including time.
> But that isn't what it says. It ONLY say that God is the creator of the
> universe, it says he actually created the heavens and the earth (the
> universe). If the statement in Genesis 1:1 said, "I am Jehovah, creator
> of the heavens and the earth" I would be forced to agree with you. But
> the verse describes not who God is but what He did.
> Maybe I am too stupid to understand modern theology in this regard but
> it seems to me that if this is merely a theological statement it
> wouldn't describe actions.

> It is (& here
> > exegetes differ) either a statement about God's 1st creative
> > act which would have been literally pre-history & pre-time,
> > or a summary of the following (non-historical) account. But
> > it is not a statement about an historical event.
> Then why does it say God DID something rather than that God IS someone?

No especially modern theology is called for: ~1600 years ago Augustine said
"The world was not made in time but with time." (/Non est mundus factus in
tempore, sed cum tempore/.) If Gen.1:1 is a statement about God's initial
creative act then it was not something that took place in the time of our
world because that time did not exist. & if Gen.1:1 is - in Westermann's
phrase - "a heading that takes in everything in the narrative in one single
sentence" then it is perfectly consistent to say that it's true in the same
(non-historical) sense that the rest of the account is.

I.e., I'm not arguing here that you're wrong but just that your charge that
others (including myself) are inconsistent - doesn't hold up.

As to your 1st point here: Yes, 1:1 says that God created the entire
universe. But that does not require (as explained in my 1st paragraph) that
it be an historical
that it be an historical statement.

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