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Date: Fri Sep 03 2004 - 23:21:59 EDT

Hi Glenn,

> WKD: Actually, as a grad student, I had to teach from a
> lab manual that was badly written and riddled with
> mistakes. My supervisor's reason for continuing to
> use such an atrocious manual: "the students need to
> learn critical thinking". I don't know why God choses
> such a straining way sometimes, I cannot understand why
> God does not rise up and punish the wicked and stands
> back while horrible things happen either, but like the
> disciples said to Jesus: "where else can we go?".
> GRM: I would hope that that is not God's concept. To knowingly using a
> flawed lab manual seems inexcusably lazy, and unethical.

I don't say I agree with the professor, any more than I
can understand why God seems to turn his back to evil.
There are times I really have to ask God "How in heaven's
name could turning your back on this possibly persuade
soul X to repent and be saved?".

Still, like the professor, he had a reason (lame or not),
it was consistent with his general pedagogical ambitions
(he seemed to genuinely believe it helped accomplish his
goal whether it actually did or not), and he had the power
of the grade book and the purse. Of course, I have faith
God's reasons are not lame, otiose, or dubious, nor would
I find God's "grade book" adequate justification, but such
quandaries with the Bible and God's action in the world
can make me wonder if I should be apologizing rather
than be an apologist.

By Grace alone we proceed,
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