Re: Seely's Views 2

From: Roger Olson <>
Date: Fri Sep 03 2004 - 10:40:22 EDT

> If God did give us a faulty lab manual to use, then as far as I can
>see there is no way we humans can ever engage in enough critical
>thinking to know what is right from what is false. Thus one can't TRUST
>that one ever got it right. One would not be able to TRUST God. To me,
>such a picture, ** where God uses falsehood to convey truth ** --especially
>when in an unclear literary setting, is a picture of a very perverse
These is a loaded expression. Why would allegory or metaphor be
considered a "falsehood to convey truth?" I'm really very confused
about all this historical vs. metaphorical business. Allegory, when
inspired by God, is just a "true" as historical narrative, IMHO.
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