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Hi Wayne,

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I do find your idea of a "day of proclamation" one of
the better ways to harmonize that section of Genesis
with science.

But it is also hard to avoid admitting that the accounts
in Gen 1-11 strain the imagination to harmonize. I think
this is the main reason why we need to be very cautious
when acting on faith. I think we do need to ask that
unpleasant question: "what if I'm wrong,... then what?".
GRM: I agree that it is tough to try this. And I am sure that is why
many have chosen not to try. To me, not trying is merely to give up and
get into the quagmire of what is real, what isn't, why one part is
accommodation and another isn't. Epistemologically we are left drifting
in a trackless sea.
Actually, as a grad student, I had to teach from a
lab manual that was badly written and riddled with
mistakes. My supervisor's reason for continuing to
use such an atrocious manual: "the students need to
learn critical thinking". I don't know why God choses
such a straining way sometimes, I cannot understand why
God does not rise up and punish the wicked and stands
back while horrible things happen either, but like the
disciples said to Jesus: "where else can we go?".
GRM: I would hope that that is not God's concept. To knowingly using a
flawed lab manual seems inexcusably lazy, and unethical.
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