Re: PBS: Can We Believe in Both Science and Religion?

From: Jan de Koning <>
Date: Fri Sep 03 2004 - 09:01:42 EDT

Science and Religion are two totally different things. Your religion
determines how you live, including how you study, (and "do" science,
carpentry, marry, educate etc.) as Religion determines your life. If you
serve God, you serve God everywhere. God cannot be excluded anywhere and
in all circumstances. We may serve God incorrectly, as a matter of fact we
do, since we all need the saving power of Jesus.
Saying that means that we must have a Christian outlook on life, which
means that we must have a as scientists a Christian philosophy. That was
the reason that I as a first year math. student at the Free University in
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, had to take a first year course in Christian
Jan de Koning

At 09:11 AM 03/09/2004 +0100, Steve Bishop wrote:
>You may be interested in this debate:
>Can We Believe in Both Science and Religion?
>It features a sceptic (Michael Shermer), a Moslem (Muzaffar Iqbal ) and a
>Christian (Nancey Murphy).
>I've only had a glance at it, but it looks fascinating.
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