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From: Don Winterstein <>
Date: Wed Sep 01 2004 - 04:34:38 EDT

MessageGRM: The problem with existentializing the faith is that the only way we know anything about Jehovah or Jesus is through the book. If the book is wrong or worse (partially untrustworthy) then we know nothing. It has nothing to do with worshipping a book but everything to do with epistemology. If all we have to have is a relationship which we feel subjectively, then the problem with this is obvious. Indeed, humans have the ability to fool themselves into thinking they have relationships with dead people with whome we would say thy can't possibly have relationships with.

You've raised the ultimate faith questions. But the book is not the only source of knowledge. In fact it is not the key source of knowledge.

In my early 20s I devoted my life to getting answers to your questions. I went to extremes partly because I needed to be sure. Your kinds of doubts were always lurking in the background. In the end God made me sure. That's why I wrote earlier that I can't not believe in God. This doesn't mean I never have doubts; but the kinds of doubts I have concern not whether God exists or is knowable, but whether he can actually do anything in the world. The answer is always that he did things with me, and I am in the world, so that means he can do things in the world. But exactly what he can do and how is a mystery. Yet, when I look back at the events of my life, I can't not believe that God had an active role. Faith in his competence builds gradually, from contemplating experience.

Ultimately I fasted 42 days and got expelled from college. Shortly after, over a period of 20 months or so, God revealed himself to me daily in spiritual ways so compelling that I can no longer doubt his existence. That's KNOWLEDGE for you. How about maybe it was a demon? I was given an all-too-convincing answer for that one, also.

So my biggest question now is, given this revelation, why hasn't God used me in some more significant way? Actually I started posting on this list with the intent of exposing myself (otherwise known as witnessing), but I soon concluded that the impedance mismatch was too great. So I'm holding out for a better idea. Or maybe just a more appropriate time. In any case, this is a start.

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