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> Friends,
> If we allow for imperfection in God's revelation in Scripture, then we
> a door that I don't think we want to enter. If we cannot trust Scripture
> reliable revelation, we have forfeited the only objective basis for our
> understanding of the Creator, ourselves and our relationship to Him.
> If we claim that the Bible, or any part of it, is an imperfect revelation
> and contains myth, how will we sort out the error from the truth? Do we
> require every biblical narrative to be verified empirically? Do apply the
> accommodation principle advocated by some in this discussion thread by
> assuming all biblical stories that seems improbable (or impossible!) are
> drawn from ancient myths and are simply accommodations by God to those
> ignorant folk who believed such myths or whose science was incomplete?
> do we do with the miracles of the virgin birth, incarnation, and
> resurrection of Jesus Christ? After all, ancient mythology contains
> numerous stories of similar occurrences, just as the Babylonian myths
> mimicked the creation and flood stories.
> And, if we cannot trust that God has perfectly revealed His will to us in
> His Word, we have no basis for our own hope. Our faith would therefore be
> vain. Thankfully, our understanding of biblical inspiration assumes the
> faithfulness of God to reveal truth. We assume inerrancy in the biblical
> text - that everything claimed by Scripture to be true is indeed true!

& of course like all fundamentalists you assume that "true" = "accurate
historical narrative," an assumption manifestly at odds
with many parts of the biblical texts as well as common sense. This
contributes nothing useful to the discussion.

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