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Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 19:42:18 EDT

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> Your example of the Russian story illustrates that one CAN be
> misled in these kinds of things. It does NOT suggest that
> this possibility is worth seriously considering.

Why does it not suggest that this possibility is worth seriously
considering? What is it that makes Christianity so sacrosanct from being
questioned in the minds of so many? All sorts of similar claims are
made all over the place. Ramanujan, the great Tamil mathematician, is
reported to have said that Namagiri, a Hindu Goddess inspired his
mathematical equations.

Mormons claim one thing, Islam claims another, Taoists claim a third,
etc ad nauseum. These views are mutually exclusive and given that there
is more to the world than just flavors of Christianity, it seems to me
highly reasonable to look at why we think Christianity is true.

> I confess I do not (yet) understand YOUR POV well enough to
> argue it persuasively. I can do that, I think, with the ICR
> POV. But your particular "search for certainty" (also see
> Casti's book by that title -- a review on my website at is one I rejected as a youth -- long
before I became a Christian.

Think epistemologically and that might help.
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