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Date: Sat Aug 28 2004 - 22:25:30 EDT
Dennis wrote (I think, maybe Paul?):

< The "rules" followed in Gen 10 which tell who descended from whom are not always simple literal father-son physical descent. They include political associations and other combinations. A descendant of Ham is said to have founded Babylon; but a direct son is Egypt (Mizraim), which has very different stories of creation and very little if anything to say about a flood.
Traces of Mizraim and his sons are found in Egypt, but Mizraim certainly did not start the Egyptian populace.  Egypt has a rich history that predates the biblical flood.  Narmer ruled approximately 3000 BC, roughly at the time of the flood.  The KJV translators cloud the issue by translating "Mizraim" as Egypt ocassionally.
~Dick Fischer
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