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Glenn wrote

GRM: It seems to me that humans can also find out history for
themselves. Why did God inspire an account at all? If, as you speaking
for God's intention say, God doesn't want to reveal anything we can
figure out, why then Genesis 1-11? Is it merely a humanly written fable
of no import? If it is divinely inspired then it means that the Deity
inspired a false story, which is worse than saying the account is not
inspired but written by man. It seems to me that the above tries to
have it both ways. You don't want God accountable for the false story
which we have been handed and which is claimed to have been inspired.
But then you also do want the account to be a story inspired by God
which accommodates to the science of the day.

PHS: You seem to be getting closer to understanding.
GRM: Oh good, I have been working towards that for decades! :-)
PHS: God can inspire a writer to employ the scientific ideas of his own
day (including prehistory) in order to communicate spiritual truths.
Inspiration sometimes encompasses accommodation. The ancient science is
accommodated; the spiritual truths are revealed. Both are inspired.
 GRm: Unfortunately, Paul, you didn't understand what I was saying. Why
isn't history left for us to discover for ourselves? Why did we need
God to inspire a person of 5000 years ago to write a story which
accomodated to the science of the day and thus didn't tell us the truth?
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