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Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 20:35:27 EDT

Glenn wrote

> GRM: It seems to me that humans can also find out history for themselves.
> Why did God inspire an account at all? If, as you speaking for God's
> intention say, God doesn't want to reveal anything we can figure out, why then
> Genesis 1-11? Is it merely a humanly written fable of no import? If it is
> divinely inspired then it means that the Deity inspired a false story, which is
> worse than saying the account is not inspired but written by man. It seems to
> me that the above tries to have it both ways. You don't want God
> accountable for the false story which we have been handed and which is claimed to have
> been inspired. But then you also do want the account to be a story inspired
> by God which accommodates to the science of the day.

PHS: You seem to be getting closer to understanding. God can inspire a writer
to employ the scientific ideas of his own day (including prehistory) in order
to communicate spiritual truths. Inspiration sometimes encompasses
accommodation. The ancient science is accommodated; the spiritual truths are revealed.
Both are inspired.

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