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Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 14:11:33 EDT

From: "Glenn Morton" <glennmorton@entouch.net>
> It gives the govt more control. But
> > for whatever reason, there is no concerted effort to replace
> > oil because the Anglo-American Power Elite still have too
> > much of a vested interest in oil. John D. Rockefeller Sr.
> > said "Competition is a sin." The Bush faction, for instance,
> > is heavily into oil.
> I always find these sentiments quite amazing and fascinating. I think
> y'all think we have more power than we actually do. Clinton, not into
> oil, didn't do anything to solve the problem either and neither will
> Kerry. The total distrust of the oil industry seems way out of
> proportion to what we are actually like.
By "we" I take it you are referring to the oil industry. But those who shape
policies that influence such things as energy are bigger than any industry,
though they have particular corporate interests, such as oil companies.
Presidents, such as Clinton and Dubyah, rarely have any real power but are
front-men for the Establishment. Bush senior was an exception.

The last energy push from DC was under Carter, a Trilateralist. I have not
investigated why that push occurred then, except that it was the Brzezinsky
faction of the power elite, not the cowboys, who were in DC at the time.

Dennis Feucht
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