Re: smallest planet to date found

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Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 16:30:56 EDT

I have a 5" fluorite refractor (Takahashi) with a focal length of 1,040mm. The
article mentioned a 4" refractor picked up the dimming of the star. Since the
planet orbits the star at 9.5 days (according to article I read), I should be
able to look at the star over the course of a week and see the dimming. I'll try
looking at it with the naked eye to see I can observe the dimming.

I'll check with my chart software tonight to see what the magnitude is.
Obviously, the magnitude is not a constant, so my software will be correct for
only one or two days of the week. ;-)


> Of course! They dont mention the stars magnitude so it is
> possibly visible to the naked eye, but a planet the size
> of neptune! I think the reporter just misunderstood, he
> seemed pretty clearly to be talking about the planet.
> On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 20:00:03 +0000
> wrote:
> >In another news story I read, it was the star that was
> >identified as being visible with the naked eye, not the
> >planet.
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> >-Phil
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> >> I am posting this because the article claims that the
> >> planet is visible to the naked eye!
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