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From: Craig Rusbult <>
Date: Sun Aug 22 2004 - 03:50:17 EDT

    Peter asks,
>is the characterization of Genesis 1 as "real and accurate" his or yours?

    Kline emphasizes -- in his PSCF-response (part of it is quoted in my
second email, along with the URL) -- that he considers Genesis 1 to be
historical. But in a framework, with the history described topically,
there CAN be a low level of "claimed detail" regarding chronological
sequence. In addition to being topical history (in the framework), Gen 1
could ALSO be chronological history, but in my view this isn't necessary;
if it's both, that's OK, but if not that's totally satisfactory. But for
many people, non-chronological = not-true, which seems too rigid.
    The things being debated in "Seely's views" are (I think) additional
and are not necessarily "neutralized" by the framework.

>PR: In fact, it is feasible that all of the following views are
>simultaneously correct - a divinely inspired message may be

    Yes, it is possible and (for most of what you list) seems probable.
But your #6 (re: the chronology of day-ages) seems optional, possible but
not necessary for a historical description.

>we are still not yet bound to discard chronology, as Armin Held and I have
>shown in PSCF 4/1999, and since then the evidence for it being
>chronologically correct has grown

    There is lots of good thinking and writing in your paper. (I also like
most of your "Creative Providence in Biology" in PSCF Sep-2001.)

    I do wonder about "concordance" for the flood in Gen 6-9:
>CR: And what type of "Noah's flood" (global or local) would be
>consistent with Gen 6-9 and geological evidence? ...
    You say,
>PR: To be consistent with geological evidence, it must be local to Sumer
>(southern Iraq) and cannot include all humans living then (I still have
>difficulties with the possibility of Noah's reaching Jabel Judi in
>Urartu, cf. Carol Ann Hill). I think it is possible to match this
>scenario with Gen.6-9 and with biblical theology.
    Based on what I've heard from Glenn and Carol Hill, this doesn't seem
plausible. I hope "it is possible to match this" but I haven't yet seen it
done satisfactorily.

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