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From: Jan de Koning <>
Date: Sat Aug 21 2004 - 14:38:39 EDT

At 11:26 PM 20/08/2004 -0400, wrote:
>Glenn Morton wrote:
>>GRM: What I see is that you have set Gen 1-11 off as useless. Would we
>>not be better to simply start a denomination ripping that section out of
>>the Bible because it is so unreliable and historically so false?
>All the respondents so far appear to agree that Gen 1:1 is true.

What do you consider to be "truth"? Why is Ge.1-11 in the
Bible? Certainly not to tell us history. Since we are in the middle of
moving I don't have the necessary time to say more than that, but I am 100%
sure that God did not speak to people living 6000 years ago in scientific
language, nor just to tell us how He made His world. Also, I am convinced
that He spoke in a language they understood, about concepts they understood.
The whole Bible is the story of how God wants us to be close to Him, but
also how we should live responsibly.

Jan de Koning
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