Re: Schaefer's Book

From: Roger G. Olson <>
Date: Tue Aug 17 2004 - 16:34:04 EDT

> Hallo! Socrates here! This discussion makes me laugh as you are all
> compromisers, churchians and cryptoatheists. I know many of you from Tweb
> and don't distinguish between the atheistic compromising Morton and
> Kuboes,
> neither of whom have an earned doctorate to their names and do immense
> damage to the Gospel of the wrath of God.
> The only true historic interpretation of Genesis is a literal one as my
> alter ego Jonathan Sarfati described in his wonderful book Refuting
> Compromise. There is no difference between Roberts and Murphy on one hand
> and Morton Reust and Fischer on the other. There are all one step away
> from
> atheism. Think about that.
> Socrates helped by Jorge

Pearls to you, Socrates, for pointing out the Truth as put forth by the
uncompromising true Christians who hold to the StraightForward Obvious
Simple Clear-Even-To-a-Child (SFOSCETAC) interpretation of Genesis 1-8! (Tweb) is a very enlightening little cyberworld. I've
been impressed with how close the dogmatic YECs are to the dogmatic
atheists, who (unfortunately) put forth much more reasoned positions on
origins (at least on TWeb, the YEC heavyweights don't show up.)

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