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From: Kenneth Piers <>
Date: Mon Aug 16 2004 - 10:16:08 EDT

JB asked a question about how many gallons of gasoline can be produced from a
barrel of oil. The answer to that question is not exactly straight forward
since the amount of gasoline that can be produced from crude depends on the
quality of the crude oil itself (heavy, light, sweet, sour, etc) and also
depends on the grade of gasoline that is required (premium, regular, etc). But
here are some numbers adapted from the BP Statistical Review of energy - 2004
In 2003 the US consumed 7.33 billion barrels of oil. We consumed 142 billion
gallons of gasolines, which at 42 gal/bbl is 3.38 billion barrels of gasoline.
So, on average, we get just under a half barrel of gasoline (3.38/7.33 = 0.46
barrels = about 19.3 gal) per barrel of oil.
We also get diesel and jet fuel from crude oil. As near as I can tell from the
BP numbers in 2003, each barrel of oil produces, on average about 0.29 barrels
(about 12.3 gallons) of "middle distillates" which would include diesel and jet
ken piers

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