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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 15:43:07 EDT

Schaefer's Book.Sorry to be slow but I have been away , as Schaefer's book will be widely read, it gives me some concerns.
   Science and Chirstianty: Conflict or Coherence? by Henry F. Schaefer, Watkinsville, Georgia: The Apollos Trust, 2003. 179 pages plus appendix and index. ISBN 0-9742975-0-X.
     and in some sense whether William Perkins was a Christian or not seems not to matter much to the issues we face today reconciling our faith with observation

  Which William Perkin? Father or son? Both were leading organic chemists and the son who died in 1929 must have had my father as one of his last students and my father soon opted for organic chemistry and then to biochemsistry.

           Schaefer's idea of what is in the geological record and its order is vastly different. When outlining his conformance between the Scripture and earth history he has land plants arise before marine life. This is of course backwards. He also claims that Day 4 was a clearing of the atmosphere, an event for which there is absolutely no evidence. And flying creatures do not arise before land animals, contra this book

  This is serious. Does Schaefer have any respect for geological time or has he simply not studied Geology 101? Many books by types like Schaefer and ID types simply sidestep geology and ignore the age of the earth. That of course placates YECS and unthinking evangelicals (a tautology at times!) and perpetuates misunderstanding

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