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From: Innovatia <>
Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 12:38:27 EDT

MessageYes, I was referring to Glenn's account of the "oil-outlook gradient" across the oil-company eschalon. It was not my intention to defend the rhetoric of the ad (though much of it is defensible) but to show that the investment world is now awakened by the plight of oil and the general public cannot be far behind.

My interest is not in accusing oil co. execs as such, but in knowing what's going on out there. I can relate somewhat to Glenn's experience, of having been on the cutting edge of trends. Since most people are not at the edge, their model of the situation, whether it be oil or economics or geopolitics, is usually years behind where things actually are, and they tend to disbelieve more penetrating accounts.

This is especially true with politics, where many American Xns I know really do believe the Disneyland view of those in power, sustained by nightly reinforcement in mass media sound bites (or bytes). Oil certainly has a geopolitical dimension, and wherever political power is involved, conspiracy is merely a usual way in which competing groups maintain their advantage by restricting information flow as to their intentions and plans. The Anglo-American Power Elite have been rather successful in conditioning Americans to think "conspiracy" among those in circles of power is a loonie notion (unless it is a "vast, right-wing conspiracy"), yet most of what goes on in politics cannot succeed unless power is concentrated through colluding or assenting contributors, whether in congressional committees or CFR or Bohemian Grove ( meetings.

The Bible hits the bull's eye in accurately depicting how the world-system operates and who is behind it, though most AmXns don't actually believe it applies to our times.

Dennis Feucht
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