RE: A Third Method of Apology

From: Gary Collins <>
Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 06:15:50 EDT

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Dick Fischer wrote:

>Call me old fashioned. I prefer the KJV for about eleven chapters. After that give me the ASV. Besides, how would you like to read Romeo
and Juliet in modern English? "Romeo, Romeo, where is you at"?

The old language certainly is more flowery, but you have nicely demonstrated a severe pitfall by committing the error which I myself
committed for many years, and many, perhaps indeed most, who know this famous quotation make.

'Wherefore' doesn't mean 'where,' it means 'why' (cf the expression 'the whys and wherefores').

What's more, according to Fee/Stuart, the AV, being a somewhat 'wooden' translation, contains expressions which not only seem strange
to our ears, but would also have sounded strange even in King Jimmy's day.

Conclusion: The AV is best avoided! :-)

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